Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting is hosting that isn't in a same country where an individual or business is located. As a rule, there are two common reasons to use such hosting:

  • offshore web hosting is often the choice for websites that will be illegal in the country of their owner
  • another reason is that onshore web hosts don't allow the type of content on the website or websites are targets of attack because of their content, such as adult content or websites about controversial subjects.
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1 Inmotion Hosting

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Up to 6 domains with email
25 additional Sub Domains
2 MySQL Databases

2 JustHost

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Free Domain Name Registration
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No Hidden Fees
FREE Site Builder
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3 BlueHost

Space: Unlimited
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Unlimited GB hosting space
Unlimited GB file transfer
Unlimited Email accounts
Free domain

4 Globat

Space: Unlimited
Score: 95%
Price: $4.40

Unlimited transfer
Free script library
Expert customer service

5 iXWebHosting

Space: Unlimited
Score: 93%
Price: $3.95

Unlimited Space, Bandwidth & Emails
FREE Domain Registration
FREE Online Store
Ecommerce, Wordpress, Joomla included

6 WebhostingPad

Space: Unlimited
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Price: $1.99

Free setup
No hidden fees
Free Domain Name
Unlimited Email Accounts

User's Offshore Hosting Reviews

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Mini Lazzare

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