VoIP Telephones - a Real Revolution in the World of Technologies

Nowadays, with rapidly developing new technologies, we get more calls over the Internet rather than from our stationary or mobile phones. Many business organizations, which have implemented in their companies Internet, prefer communicating through global network. You may ask us why? To begin with, let's define what is IP telephony. Well, this term combines two words and it's very simple to guess the meaning. IP means - Internet Protocol and due to telephony we communicate.

So, IP telephony is a technology of transmitting a voice message through Internet. By the way, in many articles and reviews VoIP (Voice over IP) term is used. It's important to mention that when you communicating with the help of IP telephony, your telephone line is not engaged.

Internet Protocol has become the most convenient transfer of all data and video communications worldwide.

There are three methods of connecting to a VoIP network:

  • Using a computer with speakers and microphone
  • Using "traditional" looking telephone with a VoIP adapter
  • Using a VoIP telephone

Let's characterize these three types of VoIP calls. First, when you make a "computer to computer" call there must be used special downloadable software on each computer. Also, you will need a microphone and speaker and have an on-line session with the person whom you are going to communicate with.

The second type of VoIP call "computer to telephone" is routed over the network to the recipient's local telephone net. Usually, you don't have to pay anything for the Internet part, but there can be a charge for the local call at the other end. Using this type of communicating you'll need to subscribe to a service provider and have a live Internet connection. Here, we should mention that prices on such services vary between providers and you should carefully examine the price-lists of each company.

And at last, the third type of VoIP call, that can be named as "telephone to telephone". Here you'll need a special VoIP telephone handset, or you may use your ordinary telephone and adapter. As in the previous type of communication, you'll have to subscribe to a service provider for making VoIP calls. Here, we should note that in general, you don't have you computer to be switched on, but this may depend on the services provided by the company.

VoIP telephones rapidly expand the market. Due to popularity of this type of communicating the number of companies that provide services has considerably increased. Each company offers to its client's different terms. Some services will only work over your computer; others will demand a traditional telephone with an adaptor. Some providers will allow calls to numbers that use the same service, while other companies will allow calls to any telephone number. You may use your personal number or your provider may give you a separate VoIP telephone line.

As you see, if you have got a computer it's very convenient to communicate over the Internet. But we can't but mention that even if it looks pretty convenient and beneficial, there are some disadvantageous points. The main problem is that the quality of your call can be unreliable. It depends on your Internet provider - whether it can guarantee you high-end services during 24 hours a day. However, if an organization controls its network the quality of the Internet call may be superb.

Making a conclusion, we'd like to underline positive points in using IP telephony. It's not only a matter of convenience, but this method of communicating saves your money a lot. Those people who have got their friends, relatives or business partners living abroad should forget paying heavy bills to telephone companies. Due to VoIP telephony you can spend much more time communicating without being afraid that you'll have to pay a huge sum of money.

If you are a person that follows computer trends and appreciates his time and money you should pay attention at IP telephones. VoIP telephones made a revolution in the world of technologies. They have a great potential to modify the traditional phone systems. Keep abreast and don't overpass high technologies.

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