May 28
Give props… get respect.
May 28, 2007
Posted in: Site Promotion, SEO by CSS-Hoster

How much advice do you take from SEO blogs and articles on the net?  If you are like most Search Engine Optimizers then you spend a decent portion of your time fingering through the countless pages and opinions online about how to rank quickly, avoid the ‘sandbox’, and stay the heck out of the supplemental jungle.  Well now riddle me this Batman, how often do you find the hidden answer to all your questions?  Yeah, us too.

Well for what its worth, here’s a tip that has been debated around our small group of peers for a while now – and now we have clearly seen that this makes sense and it works, as you will too.  Tip: Create relevant outbound links to sites with good/high ‘trustrank’. (more…)

Apr 19

Not many people like to be told what to do. I sure don’t. And if someone is telling me how to do my job, I am am likely to become that much more defensive. So I understand if I ruffle a few feathers with the following ideas/tips/guidelines. Go ahead; cuss me and insult my heritage. If you can get past my absolute arrogance and actually consider these five ideas, you may be able to improve your websites or decrease your website maintenance workload. (more…)

Apr 2

As a web site developer and amateur search engine optimist (right?) I am fully aware of the importance and ultimate need of giving Google’s butt a big old sloppy kiss. Place one hand on each of Google’s large round O’s and dive right in. It is understandable why many people feel this way, and are slighted by facing the fact that Google is playing a major role in a large percentage of web surfers and researchers. (more…)

Feb 19
February 19, 2007
Posted in: Site Promotion, SEO, PPC by CSS-Hoster

Most web site owners are familiar with the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC), regarding web site marketing and promotion.  The question isn’t necessarily WHAT these two methods of promotion are, but which is effective, and can they be used reasonably in unison?

What I suggest is to first look at where you want your future site visitors to be coming from.  Where they come from determines to a degree what kind of client they will be when they decide to use your web site services or products that you sell.  (more…)