Mar 29

Every once in a while I invite some friends to go boating. As a host I want to make sure my friends have an enjoyable time. As a webmaster, I face the same challenge when designing the usability of my site. I want my readers to enjoy their experience enough to stay on my site, make a sale if possible, and hopefully, return in the future. Today I will parallel some guidelines I use in both my boating excursions and website usability designs. (more…)

Mar 22

  • 1. Separate code from html

I mix. I do. When the project or web page is minimal it makes a lot of sense to have a small amount of code in the same file as the .html. But when the project starts to grow or requires lots of code it is time to separate my code from the .html. I feel strongly about this probably due to my type ‘A’ personality that has a distaste for messiness. But I also have two ‘reasonable’ reasons for giving this advice. (more…)

Mar 12

Plenty of webmasters are making plenty of money from Goggle’s Adsense program. I certainly don’t claim I know how to get rich with Adsense. Google is tight lipped about many of the Adsense details. In addition, there are many folks out there who know much more about Adsense site optimization. What I do know, however, is that following a few guidelines can help webmasters make the most of their sites with a minimal time investment. Here are my three favorites. (more…)

Mar 8
Widgets for Webmasters
March 8, 2007
Posted in: Site Management by CSS-Hoster

I used to hate widgets. Truth is, I think they are cheap little toys, on par with filling a room with dolls or figurines or anything else that might make an otherwise appropriate looking room appear to be a playground for subjects of a Law & Order SVU plot.